Business Events Sydney

Art Direction & website design

I used style tiles to create the design direction for the brand new Business Events Sydney website


Business Events Sydney




Art Direction
Web Design

While freelancing at Reactive Sydney I was tasked with creating the design direction for the new Business Events Sydney website. After researching the company, looking at competitors and considering the guidelines which didn't touch on the digital executions I started exploring the design direction with a style tile. This tile consisted of a collection of UI components, font, icon, image and layout treatments which would set the look of the website.

The Process

To extend this style tile and validate that it works for the project I mocked up a few example pages which used real content applied with my new style, I also created my own layout based on what I considered to be a likely UX for this site.

We presented the style to the client who immediately approved it which was a great milestone. I then started working with a UX designer to start the detailed UX process before finishing up my contract at Reactive. They continued the design and UX of the project which is now live and to my pleasure still looking very close to my initial design direction.


Working as part of a product team I was focused on not only visual design, but contributed in the fields of Interaction Design, Motion Design, Copy, Brand Identity, Development, Conceptualisation and User Experience.

The Result