Web3 UX & Product Design Consultant based in Sydney, Australia

I can take your project to the next level. My extensive experience in web2 and web3, working within the biggest names in tech such as Google, CBA & Immutable, coupled with my web2 and web3 user experience and product design expertise, I can bring your project to life.

My Experience

My career has exposed me to the top names in web3, tech & advertising. Here are some of the companies I've had the pleasure of working in.

Immutable X

Immutable X

Setting new standards of best-in-class web3 design patterns at Australia's fastest growing tech company, focused on powering the next generation of web3 games.



I spent 6 years creating world-class products for projects ranging from Google Photos, to social networks for emerging markets. Creating new patterns for innovate methods such as voice input, while contributing to the UX practice through conference talks and mentorship.


Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Working on Australia's best banking app, owning the motion principles and delivering new products and services such as the CBA for Tablet app.


Halska Clothing Brand

Running my own sustainable clothing brand, managing all aspects of the company. I've grown a brand that customers love, has Australian manufactured products, and is continually growing.


The Monkeys

Working on digital creative ideas within Australia's leading independent advertising agency, I've learnt what it takes to push the boundaries of creativity and create engaging, out of the box solutions.



One of the world's biggest advertising agencies, Ogilvy gave me experience on large scale brands such as American Express, Telstra and Coca-Cola to deliver large budget campaigns that convert.

About Me

Chris Halaska

A creative designer, entrepreneur & do-er.

My passion for creative outlets and learning new things has taken me on a journey of constant growth and experience in many areas of digital product & design.

I currently work full-time in web3 and have an extensive web2 background, with many side projects like my sustainable clothing brand to keep my passions alive.

I now offer limited expert consulting services.

Contact Me

Sydney, Australia
+61 438472277